Nighthawks FFM is a pop up bar serving forgotten and modern classic cocktails, and some of its own twists, too.

Tired of Moscow Mules and Mojitos and looking to explore some classics off the beaten path? You have heard of some of the world's best bars and their cocktails but you don't have the time or money to visit them all? You appreciate the simplicity of a well balanced three or four ingredient cocktail, and love to try new twists on classics that have been around for sometimes more than a century? Nighthawks FFM is the right place for you.

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"Why Nighthawks?", you might wonder. I have for most of my life been a fervent admirer of Edward Hopper and his wonderful work, one of the greatest artists of all time in my humble opinion. His masterpiece "Nighthawks at the Diner", the banner image of this page, hits a nerve with me. This is not an image of weekend party folk, but one of that could be seen on a Sunday late night, or perhaps in the early morning hours. This is when you meet the most interesting people, and hear the most interesting stories. Everybody who has been roaming the streets on a "school night" after midnight, looking for a place for a nightcap or two, will understand.
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